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The 20th China hardware expo opened

On the morning of September 26, the 20th China hardware fair opened in yongkang, zhejiang. After 20 years of accumulation, xu li, China hardware expo is more and more international fei, this year is attracted the United States, Germany, Italy and so on more than 30 countries and regions of exhibitors and buyers come to "gold".

On October 6, 1996 to 9, yongkang to "let yongkang hardware towards the world, let the world hardware assemble yongkang" as the theme, for the first time held "96 China hardware new product exposition", opened the prelude of China hardware expo held from now on. 20 years, China hardware expo walked out of a professional, branding and internationalization of the road to success, has grown into a big stage, to show the world famous hardware in yongkang hardware from hardware to DaWuJin, the traditional to the modern hardware transformation provides a powerful drive.

At the opening ceremony of the 20th China hardware expo, li qiang, deputy secretary of zhejiang provincial party committee and governor of zhejiang province, sent a letter of congratulations. In the past 20 years, China's hardware expo has maintained its specialization, branding and internationalization, and has continued to expand its market, which has promoted industrial transformation and upgrading and local economic development, he said.

Strengthen innovation drive, speed up the transformation development is the inevitable choice of the new normal to adapt and lead the economy, li qiang hope, yongkang active docking "Internet +" and "made in China 2025" and so on the national strategy, insist on not be moved, of strong city from industry vigorously promote informatization and industrialization depth fusion, firm handle hardware fair, further heighten the "made in yongkang" brand, enhance international competitiveness, make new contribution to economic and social development of zhejiang.


With the advent of the Internet era, niche and customization has become one of the big trends in market development. At the meeting of hardware fair on the 26th, more than 1,600 companies show creative and hard work. Manufacturers are taking advantage of this opportunity to show their "home baby". The reporter noted that some products that conform to modern consumption hot spots are more popular.

In leaves of zhejiang electric appliance co., LTD. The exhibition hall, the reporter saw a long like a air conditioning machine machine shape: rectangular box was hanging on the wall, the box on the LCD display is running, actually hear what sound. It is understood that this is a new air management system called the dreammaker's new fan, which allows people to "bring home the best air in the world" through private customized air solutions.

"Simply means a bit more advanced than air purifier equipment, air purifier is the internal circulation, while the new fan is to extract the external fresh air, after purification released into the indoor, so that it can solve the problem of a lack of oxygen." Leaves zhejiang electric appliance co., LTD. East China area manager should shun said, on the basis of air purifier, "dream maker" further integrated air conditioning, humidifier, dehumidifier, negative oxygen ion detection instruments, and other functions, the ability to truly achieve the full air conditioning environment, as long as the detected PM2.5 levels, CO2 concentration, humidity, temperature, negative oxygen ion any abnormal, will start automatically start the purification procedures and fresh air, change of indoor air.

In addition, the "dreamer" designer has added a new member to the air customised system - the air baby. This test equipment product has been added to the mobile phone App remote control, the Internet of things and other functions, so that people can find the harm of indoor air at any time, and deal with it in time.

"They are no longer just simple tools, but they can also provide advice on what air, how good, how to adjust, and so on." Leaves of zhejiang electric appliance co., LTD., head yan for introduction, to this end, they plan to in 500 the establishment of the best air quality monitoring station, the local temperature, humidity, carbon dioxide, PM2.5 index, etc., are reflected in a platform, users can choose according to their own needs, bring home the best air.

The reporter learned that, compared with the traditional new fan, "dreamer" new fan not only wear low, but the installation demand is more humanized, just need to make a hole at home, do not need pipeline installation. Now, in the northern market, xinfeng, a dreamer of xingyue electric co., is selling out.

In the past 20 years, China's hardware fair has always been new. It is understood that the hardware expo highlights the frequency, the next two days will also be a section of the second session of Chinese goods, China hardware expo through 20 years of exhibition design exhibition, the third China hardware industry in zhejiang province, 2015 top ten industrial design awards and international hardware industrial design BBS, project exhibition of achievement of new and high technology, new products, new technology, new materials conference, taobao - hardware vendors assembly and a series of rich and colorful activities. (after)

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